Spring Awakening

Created by Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater, Spring Awakening is an angst-ridden, tenderly honest rock musical about a group of adolescents in turn-of-the-century Germany. Based on a play by Frank Wedekind first performed in 1906, the story follows our characters as they begin to explore their own sexuality and confront the restrictions their society will place upon them in doing so. Though over 100 years removed from our own context, Spring Awakening continues to strike a chord with the awkward, fun and tragic realities of growing up. Filled with unforgettable rock anthems, heart-wrenching ballads and awkward moments that will have you cringing in recognition, Spring Awakening is the musical you want to take your friend who hates musicals to. In our characters’ unrelenting challenge to the way they’re told things are “supposed to be,” this show has never been so relevant. In the late 1800s, Wedekind started asking questions that we still don’t have the answers to. Spring Awakening at its core is a compelling exploration of how these issues transcend time and place to affect us all.

Content warnings for this show include: physical violence, sexual assault, sexual domestic abuse, domestic abuse, incest, suicide, abortion and nudity.

- Kyra Church


Beata Arkulinska Costume Assistant
Leah DeBorba Wendla
Meera Raman Ilse
Devin Sunar Martha
Kaysondra Ayoola Thea
Maya Lewis Anna
Natan Shaviv Melchior
Eric Wakim Moritz
Patrick Dale Hanschen
Jake Cohen Ernst
Louie Gillette Georg
Cathal Rynne Otto
Lucas Amato Adult Male
Julia Kennific Adult Female

Production Team

Elisabeth (Liz) Bragale Producer
Kyra Church Director
Olivia Di Poi Production Manager
Cheyenne Cranston Stage Manager
Steve Greenwood Dramaturg
Kenzia Dalie Technical Director / Admin
Charlotte Paradis Vocal Director
Erin Wall Choreographer
Ben B. Creelman Music Director
Hugo Sivov Costume Designer
Ariella Fuzylov co-Sound Designer
Tess Seip co-Sound Designer
Jeffrey D'Ambrosio Lighting Designer
Patrick Snyder Scenic Designer
Tara Chandran Dir. of Public Relations
Lianne Short Dir. of Fundraising
Callum Sheedy Associate Producer / Finance
Maya Radhakrishna Assistant Stage Manager
Emily Stuchbery Assistant Stage Manager
Pashka Paskulin Props Manager
Asa Kohn Assistant Lighting Designer
Alice O'Shea Assistant FOH/Administration
Saif Elkholy Webmaster