Director's Reflection

Working with the Arts Undergraduate Theatre Society as director/choreographer for the 2015 production of Chicago, was one of the most rewarding experiences of my time at McGill. Truly, I think the most incredible thing about Chicago was the friendships created and built upon; in rehearsals, production meetings and of course on the stage. Getting involved in student theatre is a great way to both build upon important skills. It also brings you in contact with some of the most interesting, dedicated and kind people. The idea of doing a feminist street dance infused version of Chicago was undeniably of the craziest ideas I’ve ever had, but thanks to a great team of people we brought it to fruition. The only way way to create a great show is to have the hardest working production team, an immensely talented cast and a lot of creativity from everyone involved. The cast and crew of Chicago was all of these things and much more, for that reason we managed to put on a very successful and well-received show that I will forever be proud of. I am grateful to A.U.T.S. for the experience of creating a phenomenal show with such a brilliant group of people.

-Debora Friedmann