About Heathers

Heathers the Musical written by award winning team Kevin Murphy and Laurence O’Keefe. This musical is a hilarious dark comedy based on the 1988 cult classic film Heathers. Set in the 80s and opening in the spring of 2014, this musical discusses important modern day themes such as teen suicide, homophobia, mental health and gun violence. The play follows Veronica Sawyer through her senior year at Westerberg High, dealing with the most powerful clique at school, misunderstanding parents, football playing bullies and falling in love with the mysterious, dark and handsome new kid. Can the witty and charming Veronica survive her senior year without everything blowing up? 

- Kenzia Dalie, AUTS Director 2016-2017

Full Cast and Crew


Mariel White Veronica Sawyer
Joe Christie J.D.
Caroline Portante Heather Chandler
Emily Sheeran Heather McNamara
Devin Sunar Heather Duke
Olivia Woodhouse Martha
Colin McCrossan Ram
Darragh Mcardle Kurt
Martin Vaillancourt Chorus/ Big Bud Dean
Josh Bartholomew Chorus/Ram's Dad
Esmée Cook Ms.Fleming
Hanna Nes Chorus/Veronica's mom
Alayna Appino-Tabone Chorus
Caeleigh McDonald Chorus
Cathal Rynne Chorus
Eden Graham Chorus
Eric Lee Chorus,  Actor Liason
Kim Ross Chorus
Sofia Reidbord Chorus



Mikey Schanz Producer
Sarah Denis Assistant Producer/Dramaturge, Set Design, Graphic Designer
Tiger Xu Production Manager
Kenzia Dalie Artistic Director
Brock Jenken Vocal Director
Emily Kloppenburg Choreographer
Liz Waitzer Costume Designer
Abigail Luddy-Dunn Assistant Costume Designer
Alessandra McGowan Assistant Costume Designer
Nick Ruzza Props Master
William Karras Musical Director
Elisabeth (Liz) Bragale Stage Manager
Carolyn Todd Assistant Stage Manager
Eleonore (Ellie) Otway Assistant Stage Manager
Tara Mitra Sound Op
Zachary Abad Sound Designer
Katherine Kellner Technical Director, Light Designer
Saif Elkholy Assistant Technical Director, Web Master
Kennedy Rooke Head of Fundraising
Vaishnavi Kapil (Vishu) Head of Marketing