Director's Reflection

I was the artistic director of Rent, AUTS's production for the 2015-2016 academic year. The show is a rock opera that follows the lives of eight people living in New York's Alphabet City during the AIDS crisis as they struggle with finding meaning in the world and with each other. The show was approached from the angle of magical realism. Theatrical conventions such as lighting effects, dance and exaggerated blocking were used in the first act to convey the magic of the community created by the characters, in spite of the desperate circumstances they live in. This created a contrast to the more somber and realistic second act. Working with AUTS was a wonderful experience. One of the benefits of my position was that I got to work with every member of the AUTS team, from the actors to production team and exec. The dedication, passion, and talent that all members of the team showed, awed me every day. They gave up their evenings, weekends and free time, working to put on what turned out to be an incredible show! It was also great to see our show reach the local community, with hundreds of people coming to enjoy an evening of musical theatre in the heart of Montreal.

-Daniel Austin-Boyd