Above all a celebration of love and acceptance, Head over Heels tells a story about the need for change, openness, and acceptance. Adapter James Magruder calls it “a show with an open, generous, inclusive heart for heartless times.” We are extremely excited to be able to present our production of this beautiful story in Moyse Hall this season!

King Basilius has been the ruler of the Kingdom of Arcadia for years; however, he fails to see how his unflexible, overly-conventional way of ruling has begun to stifle the very kingdom he seeks to protect. As his wife Gynecia fights to have her voice heard, his daughter Pamela discovers her love for her handmaiden Mopsa, and his other daughter Philoclea falls in love with a shepherd.
All of these events are overseen by Pythio, the nonbinary Oracle of Delphi, who gives four prophecies that predict the potential downfall of Arcadia. Basilius will have to learn how to open himself up to change and acceptance and attempt to prevent these prophecies, or otherwise lose the kingdom he loves so much.

Oh, also, did we mention it’s an adaptation of a 16th century story and that all of the songs are by the Go-Go’s? Excited yet?!