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The Arts Undergraduate Theatre Society celebrated it’s 15th production in 17 years with SWEET CHARITY! Nearly two decades of student theatre makes for a lot of memories. It’s hard to find records of all the past years but we thought it could be fun to try!

Our first show was Little Shop of Horrors back in January of 2007. Unfortunately, we could not find any old posters or pictures from the show! If you were a part of this production, please message us!

Our second show was Urinetown in January of 2008. According to an article in the McGill reporter, all four shows sold out before opening. If you were a part of this production, please message us!

Our third show was Hair in January of 2009. We found an article in the McGill reporter which included an interview with English student Ryan Kichler, the co-producer and production manager: Why Hair? “Because it’s about a group of young people who are trying to establish a sense of community in a time and place where it’s increasingly difficult to do so,” Kichler said. He was quick to point out that “it’s also about doing something good – and getting non-theatre people to see a live show.” We could not find any pictures of this production. Please message us if you were a part of it!

Our fourth show was Cabaret back in January of 2010. We couldn’t find a lot of information about the show. If you were a part of Cabaret with AUTS back in 2010, please message us on Facebook or Instagram!

Our fifth show was Kiss of the Spider Woman in January of 2011. This show was a musical adaptation of the novel by the same name. We couldn’t find a lot of information about the show. If you were a part of Kiss of the Spider Woman, please message us!

Our sixth show was Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street in January of 2012.

Here’s the cast list!
Sweeney Todd: Ben Harris
Judge Turpin: Mike Sornberger
Beadle: Jonathan Eidelman
Mrs. Lovett: Zara Jestadt
Johanna: Julia Bradshaw
Antony: Niko Gelfars
Pirelli: Jonathan Corkal
Toby: Brendan Edge
Fogg: Aaron Golish
Beggarwoman: Maddie Lawrance-Thorne
Ensemble: Daniel Niwoa Moon, Krishan Thayalan, Vanessa Hutinec, Chelsea Wellman, Kate Hamilton, Lyssa Manning, Rebecca Jones, and Sarah Drury

Our seventh show was West Side Story in January of 2013. While we could not find a full cast list, it was directed by Rebecca Pearl. We found an article in Délit about AUTS’ West Side Story. The article notes that “Piper Ainsworth plays Maria’s difficult role in a very touching way” (translated from French).

BroadwayWorld.com reviewed the show saying, “The McGill cast of West Side Story breathed energy into this endearing tale of hopefulness and love that can be appreciated by all.”

Our eight show, The Drowsy Chaperone, was put up in January of 2014 and was directed by Fiona Ross. While we could not find a full cast list, The McGill Tribune wrote, “A vivid and feverish celebration of the best and worst excesses of musical theatre, The Drowsy Chaperone is simply pure, unadulterated fun.”

Our ninth show was Chicago in January of 2015. Here’s the cast list!

Velma Kelly: Natalie Aspinall
Roxie Hart: Vanessa Drunsnitzer
Billy Flynn: Kenny Wong
Matron Mama Morton: Nour Malek
Mary Sunshine/Juror: Jessica Eckstadt
Amos Hart: Olivier Bishop-Mercier
Go-To-Hell Kitty: Emily Kloppenburg
Mona: Vanessa Hutinec
Annie: Munya Guramatunhu
June: Marina Maric
Hunyak: Colby Koecher
Liz: Kaitlin Carmanico
Sergeant Fogarty /Judge: Aws Waham
Aaron: Yves Boju
Martin Harrison: Oskar Flemer
Fred Casely/Harry: Anthony Foscolos
Clerk: Alex Borodovski

BroadwayWorld.com reviewed the show, saying, “‘Class’ was also a standout number, performed by Aspinall and Malek (…). The two ladies’ vocals, which were equally as strong, blended together in a sultry jazz harmony as they lament (from the jail cell) about how the traditional manners of society have been lost.”
The McGill Tribune also reviewed AUTS’ Chicago, saying, “The ensemble cast is—remarkably—equally well-rounded. Due to the high number of ancillary roles in the production, each member gets a chance to display his or her talents solo, and each one fully delivers—especially the women in “Cell Block Tango” and Jessica Eckstadt as Mary Sunshine, whose song “A Little Bit of Good” is the most technically impressive vocal performance in the entire production.”

Our tenth show was Rent in January of 2016 and it was directed by Daniel Austin-Boyd. You can find the cast list on the poster to the right.
The McGill Tribune reviewed it twice, once during opening week and once nearly a month after.

Our eleventh show was Heathers in January of 2017 and it was directed by Kenzia Dalie.
While we couldn’t find a complete cast list, The McGill Tribune reviewed the show, saying:

“Darragh McArdle and Colin McCrossan are brilliantly funny as bully jocks Kurt and Ram: Their duet “Blue” revealed a special knack for physical comedy. From her bold portrayal of bleeding-heart teacher Ms. Flemming, it is hard to imagine that actress Esmée Cook is only twenty. Olivia Woodhouse brought both hilarity and sympathy to school loser Martha Dunnstock. Each of these characters represents high school archetypes, yet the actors were never swallowed by stereotypes, instead delivering dynamic and interesting performances. Much like the original Heathers cast, the actors understood that their characters could be funny, cruel, and depressed—often all at once. Caroline Portante was especially astounding, stealing the show as the lead, Heather Chandler.”

Our twelfth show was Into the Woods in January of 2018. This show was directed by Devin Sunar. Here’s a link to a video introducing Cinderella & Lucinda on the TVM website. To meet Jack and Milky White, visit this YouTube video.

InfoCulture reviewed the show, saying, “Into The Woods is a spectacle not to be missed, especially when it is presented by young people who represent the future of our community. It is a story (…) that will appeal to audiences of all ages” (translated from French).

The Bull&Bear also reviewed the show, saying, “Into the Woods requires high production capacity, and the AUTS does not disappoint. Set Designer Katie Miller, aided by Props Designers Arielle Bernier and Ashley Bissonnette, created a minimalist set that cleverly frames the complicated storylines. Too much could overwhelm and distract, and too little would fall flat; Miller manages to be “just right” with her design.”

You can also find an Into the Woods vlog on YouTube.

Our thirteenth show was Spring Awakening in January of 2019 and was directed by Kyra Church. Here is the full cast list:

Photocredit: Brock Jenken Photography

Wendla: Leah Deborba
Ilse: Meera Raman
Martha: Devin Sunar
Thea: Kaysondra Ayoola
Anna: Maya Lewis
Melchior: Natan Shaviv
Mortiz: Eric Wakim
Hanschen: Patrick Dale
Ernst: Jake Cohen
Georg: Louie Gillette
Otto: Cathal Rynne
Adult Male: Lucas Amato
Adult Female: Julia Kennific

BroadwayWorld.com reviewed the show, saying, “I left the theatre feeling entertained and moved with the performance having sparked plenty of meaningful conversation on the way home. I’m certainly motivated to follow the company and see what’s in store for next season.”

Photocredit: Brock Jenken Photography

The McGill Tribune reviewed the show, saying, “Notable performances by DeBorba and Eric Wakim (Concordia BFA) as lovable but nervous Moritz highlight these ideas and anchor the ensemble. Their stunning vocals convey pure emotion, which makes for captivating musical numbers, specifically in ‘Touch Me.’”

The Bull&Bear reviewed the show, saying, “Everyone on stage lived up to the anthemic spirit of these songs, punctuating the instrumental accompaniment with foot stomps and some excellent choreography. The Moyse Hall stage is not particularly large but the cast made great use of the space, with the girls’ brightly coloured dresses livening up the set. (…)

I loved the performances by Jake Cohen (Ernst) and Patrick Dale (Hanschen), who made their mark with great comedic timing and a really fun flirtation scene; Meera Raman was also lovely as Ilse, a friend of Wendla’s who runs away to join an artist’s colony. Though there are many adult characters in the play, they’re never played by more than two actors: one man and one woman. Lucas Amato (the men) and Julia Kennific (the women) did a truly excellent job distinguishing between all of their parts, making each one seem like an individual despite having only a few lines allotted to each.”

Our fourteenth show was Head Over Heels in January of 2020. Here is the cast list:

Photocredit: Brock Jenken Photography

Pamela: Devin Sunar
Mopsa: Zoe Vegh-Gross
Philoclea: Victoria Stevens
Musidorus: Louie Gilette
Pythio: Ryan Naraine
Basilius: Max Grosskopf
Gynecia: Hazel Neil
Dametas: Jennifer Ower
Ensemble: Renée Withnell, Sarah Ghezelbash, Ainsley Bustos, Megan Jonker, Marina Aspinall, Petranea Smith, Meera Raman, Vic Pagan, and Eden Augustine.

Some members of the cast and crew went on the podcast Taking It All Off to talk about the show!

Our fifteenth production, and first show back after our pandemic-imposed hiatus, was SWEET CHARITY in April of 2022, directed and choreographed by Patrick Dale! Here is the full cast list:

Charity Hope Valentine: Zoe Vegh-Gross

Photo by Brooklyn Melnyk

Nickie: Caroline Lauf

Helene: Jessica O’Gorman

Oscar/Charlie: Louie Gilette

Vittorio/Herman: Adam Motaouakkil

Ursula/Rosie: Megan Siow

Carmen/Daddy, Dance Captain: Sarah Ghezelbash

Frenchy: Amelia Geheran

Elaine: Jessana Akehurst

Betsy: Julia Santarella

Joanie: Mila Frumovitz

Alice: Sophie Price

Photo by Brooklyn Melnyk

The McGill Daily came to see the show, saying, “The proximity to the performers infused the extravagant dance numbers with great energy. Patrick Dale’s choreography combined Fosse’s signature moves with traditional Broadway steps, resulting in delightful visuals that did not compromise the performers’ vocal abilities. The iconic “Rich Man’s Frug” sequence, which integrated bits of original choreography from the 1969 movie adaptation, was executed masterfully. … Overall, the ensemble cast truly worked as a unit, with each of its 12 members knowing each other’s exact placement at all times. Witnessing their camaraderie firsthand was a very moving experience. That is, after all, what musical theatre is all about.”